AVAGAshley Vale Action Group (UK)
AVAGAssociazione Volovelistica Alpi Graie (Italian flying club)
AVAGAmicale des Véhicules Anciens de Gaillac (French: Friendly Vehicles Veterans Gaillac; Gaillac, France)
AVAGAmateur Voice Acting Group (San Diego, CA)
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Journalist Sarah Edghill reported, too, that while the area previously attracted artists, circus performers and those seeking to evolve alternative lifestyles, many of whom joined AVAG to prevent the yard's development by a volume house builder, some existing residents became anxious when they saw the size of some new homes, and were worried that owners might sell them on at a quick profit (Edghill 2005).
List of key industry participants: 3M, Abrium, Adco Safety, AKU Denmark, Arco, ASSOSIC, Auboueix, AVAG, Bacou-Dalloz, Berendsen Safety, Bolle Protection, BPA/ Brancheforening for Personligt Arbedsmilj0, BSIF, Bullard GmbH, Casco, Centurion, Doenges, Draeger Safety, EAR, EDE, Farnell, FEBELSAFE, Fisher Safety, France Securite, Gallet MSA, GPT Glendale, Greenham Trading, Hellberg Safety, Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd, Hornell, IVPS, Jackson, JSP, Leipold & Dohle, Medop, Midera, Moldex, MSA AUER, MSA Sordin, Northsafety, Offenhaeuser + Berger GmbH, Omni Comercial, Optor es, Oy Silenta Ltd.
Maggie Keyte, secretary of AVAG, says: "The Allen Banks news was very worrying.