AVANAsian Volunteer Action Network
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As a precision machine shop, meeting our customers' needs is simple: be professional, be fast, be accurate, and be competitive," Lawrence Ariel, Avans quality manager, said.
After making some initial inquiries with CMM manufacturers, Keith Mills, president of Xspect Solutions, Wixom, MI, the North American representatives for Wenzel, GmbH, Germany, put Avans in contact with a number of nearby Alabama companies with Wenzel machines.
Avans manufactures a range of aircraft and aerospace parts where CAD modeling capability is needed; with this feature, the operator just loads IGES files and checks them to the part.
Being able to talk to current Wenzel customers sold Avans on the benefits and features of the equipment and the software.
The contracting authority wishes as a result of the tender to purchase a solid, reliable and stable partner, who is able to deliver the required solar panels Avans for 05/01/2016 and position, business skills to deliver on this and then also maintained.
Major organization : AVANS HOGESCHOOL TE TILBURG (231561964)
Trapeze outfitted Avans College with a 24-hours-a-day WLAN network fully accessible with support for laptops, PDAs and the university's Voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) plans for the future.
We are pleased Avans College has found Trapeze's proven functionality in WLAN products and domain expertise to be a significant competitive differentiator.
Avans College's central management station is located in Breda and relies on RingMaster to provide centralized management of its WLAN.
Avans Higher Education Colleges was founded in January 2004 through a merger from the Higher Education Colleges of Brabant and 's-Hertogenbosch.