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AVARAssociation of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (Davis, CA, USA)
AVARAssociation of anti Virus Asia Researchers (also seen as AAVAR)
AVarAsymptotic Variance
AVARAverage Video-Audio Range
AVARAutomatic Voltage Adjusting Rheostat
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smaller ethnic group, the Dargins, to the Avars, the largest, was a
In Avar (Creissels 2009), different markers are added to the basic subessive case marker -L' for UNDER to express various directions: (5)
Moreover, Magomedov's ethnicity could be a factor in his ability to govern; he is a Dargin, the second-largest ethnic group in Dagestan, while his predecessor was an Avar, the most numerous group.
In turn, the Avar settlement was destroyed by the Bulgarians.
It reexamines such well-known products of and stimuli for Marian devotion as the Akathistos hymn, the image of Maria Regina, the Avar siege in 626, and the historical and legendary narratives associated with these and other Marian-related phenomena.
Bohnke, H, Avar, L, Hess, E, "Analytical Studies of Light Stabilizers in Two-Coat Automotive Finishes.
No luxury - like his game,'' said 35-year-old Eric Avar, one of the two other designers.
The company entered into a joint marketing agreement with Sirius Laboratories, under which CollaGenex will promote Sirius' AVAR product line: AVAR Gel, AVAR Green and AVAR Cleanser.
The objective of Amplify's AVAR Program is to equip its Premier Resellers with in-depth training and solutions to address varying customer requirements and marketing support.
E-mail messages containing the worm may contain the subject `Re: AVAR (Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers'.
Borneheld hates the Icarii, a birdlike people who once ruled Achar, and the Avar, the people of the forest.