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AVCATTAviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (Army)
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Many leaders are familiar with some of these training tools; however, now that we are able to train together using the CCTT and AVCATT, commanders can better understand how leaders operate three dimensionally and identify the challenges associated with air and ground units attempting to see and orient on the same terrain.
In the future, ground unit Soldiers and pilots will switch roles in the AVCATT and CCTT.
This was a particular challenge, since each of the training systems we used (I-HITS, CCTT, AVCATT, and JCATS) have their own stove-piped after actions review (AAR) support tools.
For the virtual fight, we achieved this by first causing AVCATT and CCTT to "talk" to each other, allowing participants in one simulator to see the friendly and enemy vehicles/aircraft being fought/portrayed in the other simulator.
Ideally, the AVCATT will be developed concurrently with the premier tank training device, the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT).
AVCATT is a "collective trainer that does nor currently exist in the Army," aid Allen Borgardts, program manager for AVCATT at the Army's Simulation, Training a d Instrumentation Command.
L-3 Link has been the prime contractor and lead system integrator on AVCATT since 1999.
The Army's current plan is to have AVCATT suites "delivered to sites worldwide," said Hirtle.
Army National Guard users as to how AVCATT systems are better preparing aviators to execute company-level missions involving a wide range of helicopter assets in a high threat environment," said Lenny Genna, vice president of U.
Under this contract option, the ninth AVCATT suite is scheduled for delivery in January 2006, the tenth suite is slated for delivery in March 2006, and the eleventh is planned for delivery in May 2006.
He has been integral to L-3's effort to support major programs, including AVCATT, EH-101 and ENTR, and to the testing and certification of our eXaminer explosive detection systems.