AVCRADAviation Classification Repair Activity Depot
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The AVCRAD has equipment that allows rebuilt engines to be tested.
Parts arrive at the AVCRAD with a glass coating--sand transformed by engine heat.
Its approximately 220 members are drawn from the regional AVCRADs and from Maryland's Aviation Depot Maintenance Roundout Unit, the administrative headquarters for the AVCRADs.
AVCRAD is a support unit that specializes in maintaining helicopters.
During previous conflicts, groups of maintainers from depots, AVCRAD units and other bases would set up shop close to the action.
Within a month of its arrival in Kuwait, the 1106th AVCRAD sent a mission analysis team to Iraq to determine the warfighters' forward depot operations needs.
To meet these needs, the 1106th AVCRAD developed the forward operations cell (FOC) concept of support.
The FOC provided depot expertise forward to communicate requirements, positioned a movement control team (MCT) in Iraq to manage parts flow, stationed depot teams and tools forward to reduce response time, and served as a forward command and control node for the AVCRAD commanders.
The AVCRAD component repair mission required that unserviceable, reparable components be transported to Kuwait.
The AVCRAD had to take the CSS characteristics into account when deciding how to address the problems identified by the mission analysis team.
The lines of communication and transportation between the customers and the AVCRAD presented the greatest obstacle for the Southwest Asia operation.
While the AVCRAD was heavily involved in RSO&I operations at the beginning of the deployment, it continued to maintain a minimum support presence in the FOCs.