AVDCAylesbury Vale District Council (UK)
AVDCAmerican Veterinary Dental College
AVDCAnti-Vibration Double Countershaft (motor part)
AVDCAlternate Voice Data CODEC
AVDCAnti-Valentines Day Coalition
AVDCAcute Vascular Disorders of the Cerebellum (neurology)
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They are committed to supporting AVDC by providing high-quality services at excellent value for the people of Aylesbury Vale
Grant Thornton acted as financial, accounting and tax advisers to AVDC, working with property and legal advisers to ensure that the final structure secured the council the best consideration for its disposal to the Joint Venture Vehicle (JVV) in the context of a depressed property and banking market.
This cost included $10,453,477 in AVDC that could be directly attributed to patients' treatment and $14,394,293 in fixed and indirect costs that essentially represent hospital overhead costs such as administration, utilities, and housekeeping.
According to contest officials, the integration of Alcoa's patented AVDC casting process, dimensionally-stable, high strength/high ductility casting alloys, and large die/part size capability has expanded the lightweight options for door inner panels.
4%) multiple regressions, volume demonstrated a statistically significant negative relationship with AVDC (see Table 3).
Nissan uses Alcoa's AVDC process in the production of the GT-R's aluminum inner-door and rear-seat structures.
Note: The phone number for the AVDC and the VOHC are the same; they share a contact person.
In addition, as a result of local anesthetic blocks, which minimize the depth of general anesthesia required, "Many patients are awake and standing within 15 to 20 minutes of completion of the procedure and go home the same day," according to the AVDC.
And, according to the AVDC, "The risk of chronic oral infect is far greater than the risk of an anesthetic complication.