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AVDPAnchor Volume Descriptor Pointer
AVDPAnalytic Velocity-Dependent Potential
AVDPAutomatic Vacuum Diffusion Pump
AVDPAided Visual Development Program
AVDPAlaska Village Demonstration Project
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The AVDP is a complete system development environment that also includes: source code for scaling, deinterlacing, combining, PCI Express direct memory access (DMA) and memory control, software drivers and graphical user interface, and user documentation.
With the AVDP, Xilinx and OmniTek offer a high-performance, low-risk way to evaluate and develop video algorithms that can be retargeted and integrated with other IP on our latest design, the RHDM-2301 High-Definition reference monitor.
JPEG2000 HD and DCI Codecs: intoPIX will feature its new JPEG2000 encoder IP running on the AVDP.
The AVDP, including the scaler, deinterlacer, combiner, PCI Express compliant DMA and memory control, software drivers and GUI, and documentation is now available for purchase from Image Processing Techniques.