AVEKAntelope Valley-East Kern (California water agency)
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District 40 gets 60 percent of its water from AVEK, a water wholesaler, and 40 percent from groundwater.
By incorporating these processes, we will achieve these standards for many years to come,'' said Russ Fuller, AVEK general manager.
AVEK, which draws about 19 billion gallons a year from the California Aqueduct for water districts and farmers to use instead of well water, must complete a new Urban Water Management Plan by Dec.
AVEK is modifying its treatment plant to reduce the trihalomethane level further.
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AVEK directors George Lane and Neil Weisenberger will be automatically appointed to their seats.
The waterworks district supplies most areas of Lancaster and west Palmdale, and a significant amount of the water comes through the AVEK plant.
County officials said they are looking to AVEK to find ways to lower the levels of THMs.
We have identified some fatal flaws,'' AVEK general manager Russ Fuller said.
AVEK buys water from the California Aqueduct, then resells it to local water districts and farmers.
AVEK provides water to about 20 municipal and industrial customers, including the Los Angeles County waterworks districts that cover most of Lancaster and west Palmdale, and several farmers.
AVEK is spending $35,000 for preliminary engineering work that will include a ``fatal flaw'' analysis of the project to see whether there are major problems that would stop the dam from being built.