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AVENSAAerovias Venezolanas, SA
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Avensa uses the aircraft on its key Caracas - New York route.
We are extremely proud to have an all-Pratt-powered airline, such as Avensa, to be the first carrier in South America to select the Super 27 re-engining," said Dan Webb, Pratt & Whitney senior vice president for the Americas.
Avensa is the 17th operator to select the Super 27 upgrade program.
Avensa is also negotiating a similar agreement with investors in Maracaibo.
Venezuelan airline Avensa plans to increase the number of flights from Porlamar to other cities in Venezuela including Barcelona, Maturin, Cumana, Puerto Ordaz and Barquisimeto.
Avensa is also looking for an investment partner to invest around USD30m to enable to airline to pay part of its debts.
Avensa plans to resume flights from Venezuela to Europe and New York from November 2001 according to El Nacional.
Venzuelan airline Avensa got the routes to Italy, Spain and Portugal, but chief nemesis Aeropostal was the big winner, acquiring routes to Chile and Cuba as well as France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.
Avensa, a Venezuelan airline, has indicated that it is undergoing a restructure in order to avoid bankruptcy.
Avensa has indicated that it requires about USD30m in order to stay afloat in the initial stage of the restructure.
Venezuela's Avensa Airlines has signed a letter of intent to merge with Aserca Airlines, which apparently requires major structural changes on the part of Avensa Airlines to prevent itself from bankruptcy.
Under the agreement Avensa Airlines will have to reduce its workforce by 40%, buy six modern jet aircraft and pay off its debts, all of which will cost some USD53m.