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AVERAmerican Veterans for Equal Rights (activist group)
AVERAssociation for Values Education and Research (University of British Columbia; Canada)
AVERAmicale des Anciens Volontaires-Francais en Espagne Republicaine (France)
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According to the company, Aver is leaving Harmonic to join her husband in running their family winery.
Aver Media was co-founded in 2006 by Peter Sussman and Bradley Sherman.
Aver Media is a private, Canada-based film and TV media lending company.
One of the college's project coordinators Sapreena Kumari said once the students have repaid their pounds 500 loan to the college they will be allowed to keep any profits - apart from Ms Aver who is working in the shop as a volunteer.
Aver, who has over 25 years of financial management and executive experience, most recently served as the executive vice president and chief financial officer of Agile Software Corporation (Nasdaq: AGIL).
Rubin was diagnosed with cervical cancer 13 years ago and Aver, a preschool teacher from Portland, lost her mother, Reva, to breast cancer a year ago.
Over the past few months, Congress has again engaged in the debate aver wildfire threats an our federal forests and the need to protect communities and forest ecosystems from destructive wildfires.
Those factors include: being alone in a closed room with on individual perceived to have power aver the patient; a feeling of a lack of control aver the situation; anxiety from physical touch or from physical examinations that may be painful, and a requirement that the patient be undressed or partially dressed.
We recorded everything pretty much live and did a couple guitar aver dubs.
Powell said Jackson's Optimax 100 product was crediting 386 basis points more than the aver age one-year certificate of deposit.
The building is fully leased to mostly blue-chip tenants paying an aver age of $54 SF.