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AVERROESAnalysis and Verification for the Reliability of Embedded Systems (French industrial project)
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Later he suggests that Averroes was mistaken in his assertion that al-Ghazali agreed with his own opinion that a violation of the ijma' could not constitute apostasy (pp.
61) Anderson notes the similarity between Descartes's use of this distinction in the Meditations and the Discourse-, see "Descartes Contra Averroes," 220, note 12.
The Foran Cup is the longest race of the UAE season so far and the manner in which Averroes won the contest must make him a big favourite to win the top staying races that will run during the Dubai World Cup Carnival which starts next Thursday at Meydan.
Bleeding with Aspirin and Apixaban in Patients Unsuitable for Vitamin K Antagonist Therapy: The AVERROES Study
For Averroes there is no question of a double truth, or a different message conveyed by religion and philosophy; both express the same reality.
The winner is owned by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, and that is where Averroes is heading next.
Apixaban in patients with atrial fibrillation and their risk for cardiovascular hospitalization: insights from the AVERROES trial
He footnotes the translations with alternate readings and also provides endnotes that clarify the points made by Aristotle and the interpretations placed on them by Averroes and other Arabic commentators.
Morrison carefully compares the plaquette and the magnificent illuminated frontispiece of the copy of the 1483 edition of the works of Aristotle and Averroes in Latin found in the Pierpont Morgan library.
NYSE: PFE) today announced the publication of the full results of the AVERROES study of apixaban in The New England Journal of Medicine.
Thomas did not have a Latin translation of the commentaries by Simplicius and Philoponus but relied for his information on Averroes.
00 Ascot Sporting (50:25:10) 14-17 Rock A Doodle Doo, 11-14 Zuider Zee, 8-11 Averroes, 7-9 Waldvogel, Chock A Block, Pipette, 6-8 Life And Soul, 5-7 Classic Vintage, 4-6 Australia Day, English Summer.