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AVFArteriovenous Fistula
AVFAccueil des Villes Françaises (French: French Cities Welcome)
AVFAlgie Vasculaire de la Face (French: Cluster Headache)
AVFAll Volunteer Force
AVFAmerican Vineyard Foundation
AVFAssociation Végétarienne de France (French: Vegetarian Association of France)
AVFAzimuthally Varying Field
AVFAda Validation Facility
AVFAmerica's Funniest Videos (TV show)
AVFAugmented Voltage Foot (EKG lead)
AVFAverage Value Factor (USACE)
AVFAuxiliary Vector Filtering
AVFAortic Valve Flow
AVFActive Value Fund
AVFAfrrikaner Volksfront (Afrikaner People's Front)
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While many factors play a role in the development of neointimal hyperplasia in an AVF, the extent of damage to the endothelial layer of a vessel has been directly related to the degree of neointimal hyperplasia that occurs.
hemodialysis patients do not currently use an AVF for vascular access, primarily due to inadequate vein diameter and high rates of AVF failure.
An angiogram of the sheath revealed an AVF between the right radial artery and the adjacent vein opening up to the cephalic vein (Fig.
A recent qualitative study at our centre explored the everyday experiences of HD nurses and identified a number of themes related to cannulation of the AVF including the lack of AVFs, the fistula as a hard sell to patients, the skill of cannulation, and assembly-line dialysis (Wilson, Harwood, Oudshoorn & Thompson, 2010).
Therefore, 2 IMWCE 35-6-6 coils were inserted into the AVF from the ipsilateral vertebral artery.
Mr Davis's corporate finance experience comes from his time at PricewaterhouseCoopers and at Catalyst where he spent five years before joining AVF at the time of the management buyout of the business, completed in 2004.
The proposed AVF framework was created to solve one specific problem of civil and infrastructure engineering.
Arnold Fewell, managing director of AVF Marketing, said: "This scheme will be of enormous help to Butterwick Hospice so I ask every businessman to send a minimum of pounds 50 sponsorship and for all headteachers to consider how their school can be involved.
These age categories were also constructed to represent the highest proportion possible of veterans who served in the following specific service periods: the World War II and Korean eras (1955 and earlier), inter-war (1956-65), Vietnam (1966-75), early AVF (1976-85), mid AVF (1986-95), and recent AVF (1996-2003).
Moreover, is the AVF representative of the population that it defends?