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AVFArteriovenous Fistula
AVFAccueil des Villes Françaises (French: French Cities Welcome)
AVFAlgie Vasculaire de la Face (French: Cluster Headache)
AVFAll Volunteer Force
AVFAmerican Vineyard Foundation
AVFAssociation Végétarienne de France (French: Vegetarian Association of France)
AVFAzimuthally Varying Field
AVFAda Validation Facility
AVFAmerica's Funniest Videos (TV show)
AVFAugmented Voltage Foot (EKG lead)
AVFAverage Value Factor (USACE)
AVFAuxiliary Vector Filtering
AVFAortic Valve Flow
AVFActive Value Fund
AVFAfrrikaner Volksfront (Afrikaner People's Front)
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Out of the total number of AVF, 65 belonged to the retrospective group and 53 belonged to the prospective group.
Dialysis access steal syndrome is caused by a significant decrease or reversal of blood flow in the arterial segment distal to the AVF or graft, which is induced by the low resistance of the fistula outflow.
For the purposes of this study, women who commenced antenatal care after 20 weeks' gestation were considered to have booked late and therefore regarded as having an AVF.
This technique was used in our study population to measure AVF flow, recirculation and cardiac output during the first hour of haemodialysis, and measurements were collected in a patient database.
In our study, we chose the nondominant more than dominant extremity and the forearm more than arm for construction of an AVF.
In conclusion, if a patient presents with persistent urinary infections, recurrent abdominal pain, and pneumaturia, AVF should be kept in mind for diagnosis.
The everlinQ System is an investigational device that creates an AVF using a minimally-invasive approach.
Shropshire based AVF is a manufacturer of AV accessories and related products and is expected to use the funds to further expand into international markets and roll out new products.
The stent graft-treated acute distal axillary AVF with type II endoleak had no identifiable vessels amenable to transcatheter embolotherapy.
Holding a press conference on Friday, AVF Chairman Cemal Canpolat stated that the Alevis and Bektashis have decided to vote for yhsanoy-lu.
Ademas la integracion y la capacidad de dinamizacion de la AVF dependen en buena medida de la localizacion y caracteristicas de la estacion (Bellet y Gutierrez, 2011).
We reported a case of SSEH due to rupture of a spinal epidural AVF in a 24-year-old woman presenting with acute paraplegia.