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AVGASAviation Gasoline
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Mobil also supplies avgas to BP Australia, a unit of BP Amoco Plc.
Chevron also immediately began work to provide fuel meeting all avgas specifications to all six Northern California airports.
26) It also convened the Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rulemaking Commit-tee to address the issue with representatives from the EPA, industry trade groups including AOPA and NATA, fuel producers, and aircraft manufacturers.
A 2011 Duke University study found that kids living within 500 meters of an airport where leaded avgas is used have higher blood lead levels than other children, with elevated lead levels in blood found in kids as far as one kilometer away.
On the Ghibli 260 is installed a 280 HP engine utilizing standard automotive unleaded gasoline instead of AVGAS fuel.
Such systems can usually be installed quickly by using Avgas tanks and 4-inch Avgas pipeline.
The summation of the total energy use in Table 3 is not very similar to the data provided in Table 4 because there are some other types of fuel that are not included in Table 3 and comprise LPG and Avgas that have been used for transport fuel.
Today, omanoil manages a sizable fleet of Jet A1 aircraft refuelling vehicles of various operational combinations, supplying jet fuel and avgas gasoline to all sectors of the industry.
In the Akamas peninsula in Paphos seven German tourists found themselves stranded after torrential rain caused a swell of water to pour down the Avgas Gorge, cutting them off from the road.
The primary unit turns out BBM like avgas, avtur, Premium gasoline, kerosene, ADO, IDOP, MFO and Pertamax gasoline.
As one of the leading fuels and lubricants marketing Companies in the Sultanate, omanoil Aviation is the specialized Aviation Division of Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) and markets aviation fuels (Jet A-1 and AvGas 100 LL) and International Aviation Quality Lubricants.
With a kite up and some waves to skip over, this boat will move like an Aston Martin on avgas.