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AVGASAviation Gasoline
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I have noted the unleaded avgas discussion carried in your recent issues with considerable concern.
Signature provides self-serve AvGas at 14 locations within its North American network: Asheville, NC (AVL), Broomfield, CO (BJC), Frederick, MD (FDK), Greensboro, NC (GSO), Hilton Head, SC (HXD), Lafayette, LA (LFT), Rochester, MN (RST), Santa Barbara, CA (SBA), Santa Fe, NM (SFE), Trenton, NJ (TTN), West Palm Beach, FL (F45), Winston-Salem, NC, (INT), Waukegan, IL (UGN) and Williston, ND (ISN).
We looked at a number of bank credit cards that give money back on purchases and at AOPA's branded credit card that provides one percent cash back on avgas purchases.
Lycoming Engines commends Shell on launching its unleaded Avgas initiative," states Michael Kraft, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Lycoming Engines.
15) Those numbers have been slipping over the years: In 1981 there were nearly 200,000 piston-engine aircraft, and they burned twice the avgas they do today.
That original petition requested that the EPA issue a finding that emissions from aircraft using leaded avgas endanger public health.
Table - 1 BBM (off fuels) prices in Indonesia, 1985 - 1999 Types April July Msy July January 1985 1986 1990 1991 1993 - Avgas 330 300 330 400 420 - Avtur 330 300 330 400 420 - Premium/gasoline 385 385 450 550 700 - Kerosene 165 165 190 220 280 - ADO 242 200 245 300 380 - IDO 220 200 235 285 360 - FO 220 220 220 220 240 Types 5 May 16 May Feb.
UL94 complies with avgas specification ASTM D7547 and is FAA approved for up to 65% of the US piston engine fleet.
Since avgas is approved for use--with limitations--in some turbine engines, the avgas nozzle is sized to allow it to fit into jet fuel tanks, but not the other way around.
As early as 2005, the company saw that avgas was becoming scarce and expensive in its principal market region, just as the then-Thielert Aircraft Engines was gearing up to produce engines for Diamond's DA42 and DA40 single.
An offer to sell avgas for $1 a gallon at Redbird Skyport in Texas for October drew intense interest from across the region .
Avgas transition is moving forward In a move that signals continuing support to transition away from avgas, the Federal Aviation Administration recently announced it will open a Fuels Program Office to provide "technical expertise and strategic direction in the planning, management and coordination of activities related to aviation fuels," according to the National Air Transportation Association.