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AVGPArmored Vehicle General Purpose
AVGPAsociación Valenciana de Gestión Pública (Spanish: Valencian Association for Public Management; www.uv.es/avgp)
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Nasdaq: AVGP and AVGPW) announced today that it has engaged the professional financial public relations services of Florida-based Continental Capital & Equity Corporation to launch a comprehensive 24-month investor awareness campaign.
CONTACT: Richard Morgan, CFO of AVGP, 214-922-8100 Ext.
AVGP seeks to merge with or acquire other companies within the aviation service industry that provide strategic and economic benefits to its shareholders.
The LAV HI (Light Armoured Vehicle, 3rd Generation) represents the culmination of more than 35 years of innovation that First began when General Dynamics Land Systems--Canada, then Diesel Division General Motors of Canada, started manufacturing AVGPs (Armoured Vehicle General Purpose) for the Canadian Army.