AVHCAssociation des Victimes de l'Hormone de Croissance (French: Association of Victims of Human Growth Hormone; est. 1999)
AVHCAmerican Veterans Heritage Center, Inc. (Dayton, OH)
AVHCAdvanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications
AVHCAortic Valved Homograft Conduits (cardiopulmonary surgery)
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Roy Curtin and their entire high caliber executive staff will vertically launch AVHC in all aspects of the health and the investment community.
AVHC and NutraTek plan to aggressively move forward with a unique proprietary technology, IQS (Health Assessment Device).
AVHC plans to begin three separate clinical studies in its efforts to obtain Medicare approval for its Topical Hyperbaric Therapy Products.
The 4-week evaluation with the AVHC system proved successful in wound applications and we are excited about the prospects for Ford-Goodson's sales team," stated Mr.
Rossi debrided (clean and remove dead tissue) the wound and utilized the AVHC THBO chamber in an attempt to salvage the limb.