AVHDAudio-Video High Definition
AVHDAutomatic Virtual Hard Disk
AVHDAudio/Video Hard Drive
AVHDAudiovisual Hyperactivity Disorder
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AVHD has taken a series of actions to undermine, and prevent the opening of, Palmdale Regional Medical Center.
He is demanding UHS do what AVHD was created to do -- ``provide full health care service for all members of our community.
AVHD board members and administrators attended those meetings and had no objections to the project.
AVHD aired a commercial last year suggesting that emergency patients would not be welcome at UHS's hospital.
It should be noted that, while the south valley had no hospital, the AVHD deemed it necessary to waste in excess of $50 million on its Lancaster campus while allocating the mere pittance of $5 million on part- time 'clinics' and vacant offices in Palmdale and Littlerock,'' the letter said.