AVHDDAudio-Video Hard Disk Drive (hardware)
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The Indigita powered AVHDD is an ideal platform to show the advantages of expandable digital storage in a home networking environment," said Robert Perry, vice president of marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America.
We believe Indigita's AVHDD is the step into the future that will give the home users expandable storage libraries accessible over FireWire.
The AVHDD is truly a network attached storage device that is sharable, unlike other disk technology currently available.
Indigita's AVHDD encrypts data over the FireWire network as well as on the hard drive so copyrighted content is securely protected throughout the network and within the box.
Indigita's AVHDD conforms to the existing basic AV command specifications and can optionally support the HAVi Level 2 Graphical User Interface.
With this aim in mind, MEI and MKE will incorporate AVHDD into Panasonic consumer electronic products.
The first Panasonic product to incorporate the AVHDD will be a home video editing application with unique functions such as super slow-motion replay, speedy noiseless searching and other image control functions that take advantage of the sequential data transmission feature and are accessed via a jog dial.