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AVIAAuvergne Valorisation de l'Industrie Aéronautique (French aerospace industry association; est. 1993)
AVIAAudio Visuel Inter Associatif (French audio visual association)
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After gunning down a police officer in front of the Sarasota police station, drug-addled, drug-running pilot Avia flees to Michigan where con artist Benton Docks and hitman Brian are scamming a rich socialite out of her money.
He also shared additional clips of daughters Emmi and Avia singing while Colette played guitar and another clip of Colette and Avia laughing together.
Private equity and early stage investment fund hDock42 has purchased a stake in Orbis Avia, a Czech Republic-based aircraft manufacturing startup, the company said.
Avia is the developer of the isothermal chemical denaturation system for measuring biologic stability.
It is not clear what has happened with Veteran Avia, but it also appears to have gone off the radar.
Moldova's Avia Invest Group of Companies proposes operation of passenger terminals of Manas and Osh airports, reconstruction and development of passenger terminals, development of Duty Free infrastructure, creation of a joint air company.
AVIA is dedicated to improving the global community through its constant pursuit of groundbreaking innovations and value creation.
A bird's eye view of part of the crowd which thronged Cardiff A bird's eye view of part of the crowd which thronged Cardiff| DAVI AVIA DHURST |
Once completed, Avia Park will occupy an area equivalent to 65 football fields at 463,000m 2 .
The pilot has been identified to be Stephen Shrestha who was a proprietor of Avia Club.
First, Avia is an epic poem connecting various air battles with enough description and historical accuracy to satisfy both serious and amateur historians.
In a statement, recently appointed chairman Roger Lane-Smith said: "The company has now been restructured in order to provide efficiencies and all operational activity has been focused in Plain Healthcare, under the leadership of Tim Morris, managing director of Plain Healthcare and operations director of Avia.