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AVIMAviation Intermediate Maintenance
AVIMAntelope Valley Indian Museum (California)
AVIMAdvanced Vietnamese Input Method (software)
AVIMAtmosphere-Vegetation Interaction Model (simulation)
AVIMAtlantic Veterinary Internal Medicine and Oncology (Annapolis, MD)
AVIMAssociation of Vancouver Island Municipalities (Canada)
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According to the contract, AviM Leasing has supplied one Boeing 737-500 aircraft to the carrier.
The AVIM Soldiers from B Company had the special knowledge and tools required to prepare the downed aircraft for both ground and aerial evacuation, which included certifying the sling-load configuration for air movement.
During the operational phase of the deployment, it manned the FOCs very robustly to assist in meeting pass-back AVIM and depot maintenance requirements in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Further research revealed that the only source of the equipment was the unit that TF 7-159 AVIM would be supporting during the deployment, so V Corps directed the task force to deploy without the two pieces of equipment.
Saber FLE was task-organized with Soldiers from the 601st ASB Cavalry Support Detachment (CSD); the 601st ASB's Headquarters and Supply Company (HSC) Class III/V [ammunition] Platoon and Supply Platoon, AVIM Company OH-58D Repair Section, and Ground Support Maintenance Company Cavalry System Support Team; the 701st Main Support Battalion's Alpha Company Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU) Team, Bravo Company Heavy Equipment Transport Section, Delta Company D Missile Team, and Echo Company Level I Medical Treatment Team; and the 590th Quartermaster Company's SLCR Platoon.
The ASB had M1088 tractor trucks available since we had wisely decided to leave an AVIM phase maintenance capability at Camp Udairi.
In 1993, AVIM curator, Edra Moore, and FAVIM assumed the initiative to develop a computer CD-ROM system for properly cataloging the museum's extensive artifact collection.
Mechanics, your AVIM shop would love nothing more than for you to turn in unserviceable components ASAP.
If your complete visual inspection turns up something, call your AVIM shop so they can do a more thorough inspection.
The AVIM shops are responsible for many aircraft repairs.
Can AVUM mechanics do AVIM tasks on aircraft when they feel like it?