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AVIONICSAviation Electronics
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As an Authorized Dealer of L-3 Avionics Systems, Trine Aero can now provide an expanded scope of services to their clients including warranty support, avionics upgrades, authorized support of L-3 Avionics Systems in repair, and installations.
Simplifying the flying experience includes selecting the proper avionics and flight information that fits a pilot's individual needs.
Avionics International will run its exhibition and conference on March 4 and 5 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec) with over 80 booths representing avionics manufacturers, IFE systems, Satcom innovations and flight management systems among others.
SA MENA Avionics is a joint venture between Bahrain-based MENA Aerospace Enterprises and Scandinavian Avionics SA, a leading avionics service provider.
Merrice Spencer, AMI project navigator and chief of B-52 avionics and weapons integration.
My goal is to make sure the Duncan Aviation Accessories and Avionics shops are full with the right kinds of business, while evolving to the next generation of equipment and technology.
Deliveries start in 2013 and include 16 avionics suites for Aeroflot's latest Boeing (NYSE: BA) 777 fleet.
The F-22's advanced integrated avionics suite allows the pilot to operate in battle conditions without the burden of managing individual sensors, which dramatically improves the pilot's situational awareness and enhances the performance of both aviator and aircraft, Lockheed Martin says.
Top three avionics OEM competitors control approximately 85% of the forward fit market, an increase over previous years
Jeffs knowledge of avionics systems and mandates is an asset that will benefit our customers as they seek information and solutions for avionics upgrades for their aircraft, says Mike Minchow, Vice President of Service Sales.
The building will house the F-22 avionics ship set, which is everything minus the airframe.