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AVIONICSAviation Electronics
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Thales Avionics is a division of the Thales Group, a leading international electronics and systems company, serving defense, aerospace, security and services markets worldwide.
The OBIS program includes supplier participation in investigations of several technologies to determine how well this technology meets the requirements for avionics optical backplane applications.
The Green Hills Platform for Avionics includes the INTEGRITY and INTEGRITY-178B RTOSes, support for the aviation industry standard ARINC 653-1 application software interface, and the documentation required for U.
and global markets, of avionics systems and services that are developed, produced, marketed and supported through the joint efforts of the C.
The new avionics include the very high frequency transceiver, high frequency communications, automatic direction finder, very high frequency omnidirectional range receiver, instrument landing system receiver, distance measuring equipment, altimeter, transponder, weather radar, collision avoidance and satellite communications systems.
Aircraft Avionics Systems Development Programs: Total Future Market Forecast, Split by Percentage (World), 2010-2020
L-3 Avionics Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced cockpit avionics for general aviation, business jet, air transport and military markets.
Total Avionics ATE Market: Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (World), 2010-2014 25
The testing of this software in a dynamic flight environment on the FTB will enable avionics engineers to identify, evaluate and resolve anomalies, as well as to make adjustments to the avionics software and hardware, prior to the software being delivered as an Operational Flight Program (OFP) to the F-22 Raptor.
Enea's professional services team works hand in hand with avionics system designers to help them optimize their DO-254 processes and enhance scheduling efficiency while reducing risk and cost.
Raptor 4004 will be the first F-22 to fly with integrated avionics.