AVIOSApplied Voice Input/Output Society (advanced speech technology)
AVIOSAmerican Voice Input/Output Society
AVIOSAssociation of Visually Impaired Office Staff (est. 1998; UK)
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From the outset, AVIOS recognized that technical development is only one part of the equation; offering a forum for discussion and brainstorming across multiple disciplines was just as critical.
The types of submissions AVIOS has received since 2007 reflect the evolution of speech technology and the industry itself.
You might see some of these apps in the AVIOS student contest at this spring's MobileVoice conference.
AVIOS' goals in sponsoring the contest were to foster creative thinking in the use of speech technology and to encourage student participation in AVIOS.
What is voice search, and why does AVIOS feel it is significant enough to warrant a new conference?