AVIRISAirborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
AVIRISAdvanced Visible and Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (remote sensing)
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HyspIRI is many years from launch and not yet under construction, but AVIRIS and MASTER are airborne prototypes of its two instruments, developed so that scientists can work out scientific and technological issues in advance.
1999), using a modified form of spectral mixture analysis applied to an AVIRIS image collected over two study areas located in California, was able to discriminate the OM contents of soils with a high degree of accuracy.
1999) produced maps of iron levels that ranged from 2 to 6% in an AVIRIS image for two study areas in California using a modified spectral mixture analysis with accuracy determinations.
Automated spectral analysis: a geologic example using AVIRIS data, North Grapevine Mountains, Nevada.
Hunt used the AVIRIS remote-sensing data to improve the WISP model.
To go beyond the AVIRIS data and comprehensively model individual exposures from the WTC plume, the high-altitude imagery is being integrated with information on the geographic location of individuals within the epidemiologic study populations and with health outcomes data.
The classification of the spectral classes, and spectral extraction for the Landsat ETM+, AVIRIS, and aerial photographs were performed using ENVI and ERDAS image processing softwares.
King, et al, Remote Mineral Mapping Using AVIRIS Data at Summitville, Colorado and the Adjacent San Juan Mountains, (http://speclab.
In addition to usage in the environmental and agricultural industries, the product can be used to visualize and analyze any type of satellite or aircraft digital imagery, including Landsat, SPOT, AVIRIS and Radarsat.
In its early stage of development, Earth Search Sciences "cost- shared" hyperspectral image collections using NASA/JPL's AVIRIS instrument.
ENVI's open architecture makes it easy to work with LANDSAT, SPOT, ERS-1, IRS, JERS-1, DMSP, AVHRR, AVIRIS, GERIS, GEOSCAN, HYDICE, SIR-C/X-SAR, and virtually any other type of image data.