AVLBArmored Vehicle Launched Bridge
AVLBAviation Logistics Base
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Here at Ft Leonard Wood's Engineer School/ students give our seven AVLBs a lifetime of use every training cycle.
Inspecting and configuring equipment at the callforward area, as well as briefing vehicle crews on AVLB crossing procedures, is also a way to mitigate risk during the operation.
The US Army has, in fact, been funding an AVLB development programme by BMY, with Israel Military Industries as major subcontractor, since 1983.
The bridge should be on the AVLB when checking the launcher's hydraulic fluid level.
Move the AVLB backward at least two vehicle lengths.
The meeting lasted for 3 hours and uncovered, for the first time since crossing the river, the complexities involved with meeting requirements outlined in the Dayton Peace Accord and other non-military-related engineer problems, such as the decking requirement for the AVLB.
The breakout session attendees concluded that the Engineer School, in conjunction with the Product Manager-Wolverine, should identify one chassis for the AVLB and develop an AVLB-SLEP to meet the requirements for assault bridging.
So they're faced with a bit of a challenge when its time to lube the roadwheel arm bearings on the AVLB.
How much lube an AVLB roadwheel hub gets depends a lot on how you install its cover plate, mechanics.
If the complex obstacle begins with antipersonnel wire or barriers to a minefield, dismounted soldiers or sappers deploying bangalore torpedoes, detonation cord, or other means are currently employed and may include using an AVLB to clear or bridge them.
So it's up to you to keep that M88A1 or AVLB showing those pearly whites when it's time to check the oil level in the engine and tranny.
Crewmen, if you don't have the doghouse cover installed over the PTO shaft in your AVLB, you could be in the doghouse--and in danger.