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AVNOJAntifašistièko Vijeæe Narodnog Osloboðenja Jugoslavije (Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia; WWII)
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Nejgos, and AVNOJ awards in the course of her 70-year career during
In November 2015, Sinohydro prepared and submitted research documents including a feasibility study, necessary for the final negotiations on a loan agreement with China's ExIm Bank for the construction of the Glamocani-Put AVNOJ section of the Banja LukaMliniste motorway.
An indigenous national liberation war (1941-1944) was fought only in the Vardar part of Macedonia and in result, within the framework of the anti-fascist coalition and based on the decisions of the Second Meeting of AVNOJ (1943), a separate political and military leadership was created, which then formed its own Macedonian national liberation army and national liberation boards as a base for a civil government on the whole territory.