AVOPAdvanced Voice Order Processing
AVOPAirside Vehicle Operations Permit (airports)
AVOPAirside Vehicle Operating Permit (airports)
AVOPAdjusted Value of Production (agriculture; Canada)
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As stated in a previous press release by AVOP execs, "This is a very lucrative business and one that has been proven in far more cases than not to be beneficial to the economic well-being of communities and their citizens worldwide, especially in times of financial hardships, allowing them to convert illiquid assets into much needed cash.
Shareholders of record on the date effected will receive additional shares in AVOP equal to 3% of their holdings in AVOP common stock at that time.
Our initial plan is to raise capital for AVOP and work within its current capital structure through transferring equity, preferred stock, restricted stock and debt to capitalize our company; as not to cause further dilution into the market.