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AVOSAstronomische Vereinigung Oldenburger Sternfreunde (German: Astronomical Association of Oldenburg Star Friends; est. 1992; Oldenburg, Germany)
AVOSAshfield Virtual Office Services
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AVOS Life Sciences, LLC provides strategic, operational and financial consulting services to the healthcare industry.
AVOS wheels are made from aluminum oxide abrasives.
Many AVOs do not have a physical base of operations.
No caso de Francisco Figueira da Costa, cujo pai mais cedo em sua carreira tinha trabalhado num forno em Mazagao no norte da Africa; o avo materno tinha sido cozinheiro dos jesuitas e mais tarde alfaiate; e a avo materna era mulata, os membros da Mesa da Consciencia e Ordens observaram que o candidato tinha as caracteristicas pessoais fundamentais (as "partes pessoais") e a necessaria limpeza, mas que nao tinha qualidade, devido aos impedimentos acima mencionados de seu pai e de seus avos maternos.
AVOS updates the model regularly to ensure it remains relevant and actionable for subscribers.
Surface finish of the workpiece is enhanced because AVOS technology allows the operator to monitor the work more closely.
For more information on Richard Evans joining AVOS, please contact kgriffin@avoslifesciences.
This series was born from the need to understand the overall impact of this legislation by the investor community, as well as the pharmaceutical companies themselves," said Neil MacAllister, president of AVOS Life Sciences.
She took out the AVO because he was stalking her and texting her telling her about the personal information that he had," he said.
This contract is evidence of our leadership in the AVO / Facilities Management and Internet Cafe market space," said OnboarD co-founder and Managing Partner Jimmy Lopez.
For removing scale and rust, and for fine surface finishing, the operator would choose AVOS Beartex, a nonwoven material impregnated with coarse, medium, or very fine grit abrasive particles.
This contract will build upon our successes delivering IT support and applications to the cruise industry, particularly in AVO and Internet Cafe market space.