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AVREArmoured Vehicle Royal Engineers
AVREAssault Vehicle Royal Engineers (UK and Canada)
AVREAtrioventricular Reentrant Echo Beat
AVREAssociation for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment (Binghamton, NY)
AvREAverage Relative Error
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It is unknown whether Mr Fender was among the injured or missing or whether he managed to escape but the division returned home after the battle of Avre when they were no longer fit for active service.
Other players nominated included Brazil's Sissi, the tournament's leading scorer, Pretinha; Norway captain Linda Medalen; Germany goalkeeper Silke Rottenberg and striker Birgit Prinz; and Nigeria's Mercy Akide and Patience Avre.
That didn't last long as Akide once again found herself free down the right side after a pass from Patience Avre.
Marvelous'' Mercy Akide and Patience Avre lead the charge up front for the speedy Nigerians, who at times can be suspect on the back line.
Patience Avre is a mere 23 years old, but by Sunday evening she will be a veteran of her second World Cup.
Avre has played on the national team with Akide since 1995.
Tenders are invited for The AVRE replacement tokoogr-type reactors their RB-10 dry tokoogr-(e) reactors type RTST-10-1000 and rest-th 6 m2 cell no.
An emerging talent is Patience Avre, who scored three goals against China and created numerous scoring chances Tuesday from the right wing.
Conditional 1 Study hydraulic crossing Avre Nonancourt