AVSDAtrioventricular Septal Defect
AVSDAlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (software)
AVSDAllegheny Valley School District (Springdale, Pennsylvania)
AVSDAssociation Vivre Son Deuil (French: Living His Grief Association)
AVSDAudio Video Systems Division
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Calismamizda da gerek PAH olmayan, gerekse sinirda olan grupta en cok ASD ve kucuk VSD'li hastalar bulunurken AVSD ve orta-genis VSD'lilerin ise orta ve agir PAH grubunda yogunlukta oldugu gorulmekteydi.
Buyume geriliginin en fazla AVSD ve genis VSD'li hastalarda gorulmesi; bu hastalarda yuksek orandaki sol-sag sant miktarinin PAH'a ve konjestif kalp yetmezligine neden olmasi ile aciklanabilmektedir.
Ventricular septal defect, ASD, PDA, AVSD, TOF, and PS were reported to be the most common conditions observed in cases with GISM (3, 4, 9).
Four patients with AVSD and intact atrial septum were identified out of 50 patients with Down's syndrome and AVSD (3.
AVSD was diagnosed with the following criteria and measurements:
The diagnosis of AVSD especially when associated with a condition requiring surgery is extremely important because the position of conduction axis in AVSD is different from normal (4).
Five of these patients (1 with AVSD, 1 -hypoplastic left heart syndrome, 1 -critical AS, 2- the critical CoAs) died in neonatal stage despite surgical interventions or angioplasty procedures were made.
Of 2 fetuses considered as having normal heart, one had intermediate type of AVSD (small primum type of ASD and small inlet type of VSD) and the other had tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) postnatally.
5 PAB + PDA - ligasyonu 6 "Swiss cheese" 2 PAB yok VSD 7 "Swiss cheese" 2 PAB yok VSD 8 ASD,VSD,AoCoa, 1 PAB + - bikuspid aorta koarktasyon tamiri 9 AVSD 3 PAB yok 10 AVSD, DOMV 3 PAB yok 11 AVSD, PDA 1.