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AVTAsociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (Victims of Terrorism Association; Spain)
AVTApplied Vehicle Technology
AVTAllied Vision Technologies (est. 1989)
AVTAudiovisual Translation
AVTAdult Vocational Training
AVTAudio/Visual Transport
AVTAdvanced Vehicle Technologies
AVTAll-Volatile Treatment
AVTAvailable Time
AVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
AVTAuto Volume Transfer
AVTAutomatic Video Tracker
AVTAdaptive Visualization Technology (DVTel/OmniVee Ltd.)
AVTArchitecture Verification Test
AVTAir Velocity Transducer
AVTApplication Virtual Terminal
AVTAviation Medicine Technician
AVTAutomatic Vessel Tracking
AVTAudio/Visual Tutorial
AVTAudio-Visual Terminal (WorldCom)
AVTAppendage Vector Table
AVTArginine Vastocin
AVTAudio Vidéo Transmission (French: Audio Video Transmission; Livry-Gargan, France)
AVTApplied Voice Technologies Ltd.
AVTAutomated Verification Testing
AVTApplication Vertical Test program
AVTApollo Validation Test
AVTAutomatic Vertical Tabulation
AVTArmored Veritech Fighter (Macross)
AVTAnti-Viral Toolkit
AVTAir-Vibrating Table
AVTAccelerated Vesication Test (electronics)
AVTAd Valorem Tariff
AVTArchitecture Ville et Territoire (French: Architecture and City Planning; Avignon, France)
AVTArtisan, Village and Tiny (Industries)
AVTAutonomous Vehicle Team (Viriginia Tech University)
AVTAudio Video Technology (various organizations)
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One of the first systems was built for SuppNow, an AVT customer that specializes in selling nutritional supplements within gyms and fitness centers.
AVT's rebranding addresses an extensive array of benefits with which AVT is associated.
AVT is also presenting the features of their proprietary Smart Technology.
Electro Flip entered into a licensing agreement with AVT for use of the '788 Patent in Electro Flips' camcorders including its NanoCam Micro DVD.
After completing the service, the attendees were given a card with a UPC code that could be scanned by special readers built into the AVT machines.
Flexcoat, located in the city of Louveira, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was introduced to AVT while attending international trade shows and events.
The millions of dollars poured into these companies C all of which started with an idea and a phone call to AVT C stand as testimony to the quality and innovation of AVT's system designs, as well as to the power and continued growth of the automated retailing industry.
Customer support representatives are located in various countries close to the customers, backed by a newly introduced IT system and a logistics center, to support the growing activities of the AVT group in the EMEA region.
The RENEWAL 4 AVT is a tangible example of our capability to deliver meaningful product innovation," said Fred McCoy, president, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Guidant Corporation.
AVT's new website showcases the company's abilities, and features sections on Custom Solutions, Interactivity, manufacturing, Business Opportunities, and the AVT Parts Division.
AVT helps retailers to analyze their key financial data by store and illustrates the most profitable category adjacency opportunities for each store.