AVTAAdvanced Vehicle Testing Activity
AVTAAntelope Valley Transit Authority (est. 1992; Lancaster, CA)
AVTAAllegheny Valley Trails Association (Pennsylvania)
AVTAAssistive Vocational Technology Associates (est. 1990; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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AVTA spokeswoman Pamela Holland said agency officials viewed bus security camera footage and believe the crash was the fault of the bus driver, who had been driving for the agency for fewer than three months.
The AVTA system computes, for turns and each of the vocal states, the average duration for the entire interaction session but also the average duration for every five seconds of the interaction.
AVTA plans to complete a feasibility study early next year to determine if such a project is a viable option.
Contact: Jim Francfort, AVTA, phone 208-526-6787, e-mail francfje@inel.
It's really anybody's guess what fuel is going to do,'' AVTA spokeswoman Pam Holland said.
When choosing a financial management software solution, AVTA's goals were clear," stated AVTA CFO Esmyrna Agustin-Jorge.
AVTA managers propose to raise local transit bus fares 20 percent to 33 percent, halt nighttime service on four routes at 8 p.
The center's operations are expected to expand April 25 with the addition of Metrolink train and AVTA commuter bus service, Palmdale city and transit officials said.
AVTA will benefit by being able to simplify the process of distributing passes and accounting for pass sales.
The AVTA is part of the Department of Energy's FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program and is conducted by the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).
We are anxious to get in there as soon as we can,'' said AVTA spokeswoman Pam Holland.