AVTCAlta Vista Transportation Corridor (Canada)
AVTCAmman Valley Trotting Club (est. 1979; UK)
AVTCAdult Vocational Training Centre (Canada)
AVTCAutomatic Vehicular Traffic Control
AVTCAntivirus Test Center (informatics, University of Hamburg)
AVTCAerospace Vehicle Test Course (US Air Force Test Pilot School)
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Most of all, for those of you who have invested your money into AVTC this could create a 'crisis of confidence' in my leadership of your company.
While appreciative of his offer, I declined, knowing that I am responsible for AVTC and I will remain so even during this frustrating situation.
The AVTC had been using a single-sheet, tri-fold brochure as its major print item for recruitment.
AVTC recently hosted its first TechnoCamp--an occurrence the center plans to make an annual event.
It was a gratifying experience to see these younger students being mentored by the high school-age SkillsUSA students of AVTC.
All activities were age appropriate and supervised by certified staff of AVTC.
Students were brought onto the AVTC campus and experienced training in each program as if they were "real" students.
Excitement is running high, and the AVTC staff is eagerly planning for next summer's TechnoCamp.
AVTC will continue to evaluate the newest of its recruitment tools and expects to see improvement in its student enrollment.
Pink Sheets: AVTC - News) is a vending solutions provider based in Corona, California that has developed several significant vending machine technologies that yield a more efficient and reliable yet technically advanced system.
An updated analyst report on AVTC is available for investors at http://www.