AVUHSDAntelope Valley Union High School District (California)
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Along with its single-district Regional Occupational Program (ROP), AVUHSD offers more than 75 CTE courses (some online) in 10 industry sectors and 16 career pathways at eight comprehensive high schools, one early-college high school, and two continuation high school campuses throughout the Antelope Valley (AV).
AVUHSD began its century-long commitment to vocational programs with agriculture and trades courses that fueled local businesses' needs for skilled workers.
Working closely with the AVUHSD and providing more specific educational opportunities to create "home-grown" engineers and technicians, the hope was that more students would stay to permanently staff open STEM positions, thereby contributing to local economic prosperity.
T]hrough our partnership with the AVUHSD and the ROP program, we have a way to reach high school seniors and help prepare them by giving them real-world experiences and hopefully get them interested in a career with Northrop Grumman.
AFRI and NDEP partnered with the AVUHSD and AVC in 2011 to initiate a groundbreaking Senior Math Acceleration and Preparation (S-MAP) course where seniors receive articulation credit for successfully mastering advanced math course modules.
The AVUHSD was also recently awarded two Clean Technology and Renewable Energy "Green Academy" grants by the California Department of Education that will be used to develop new programs of study in the clean technology/renewable energy and sustainable engineering pathways.
During its first full year of energy independence, the AVUHSD has forecast an 18 percent reduction in electrical expenses.
Ten campuses within the AVUHSD are participating in the installation, which includes the construction of steel-frame canopies to support solar panels and provide shaded parking for approximately 4,000 faculty and student vehicles.
The cost of the units for the week is $15,000 and is provided through a state grant written into the AVUHSD budget.
It's money well-spent,'' said AVUHSD Superintendent Robert Girolamo.
Pete'' Knight's office, state Assemblyman George Runner's office, the county of Los Angeles and the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster were issued to the AVUHSD designating the month of June as Sober Graduation month.
Lawrence's presentations to faculties in the AVUHSD.