AVVAAssociates of Vietnam Veterans of America (Silver Spring, MD)
AVVAAlgemene Volleybal Vereniging Ameide (Dutch: General Volleyball Association Ameide; Ameide, Netherlands)
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We cannot be silent about the effects of Agent Orange on our veterans and our children in the face of overwhelming evidence connecting many diseases and birth defects to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam," said Bobby Morris, President of AVVA Chapter 862.
Besides their crisp and clean illuminated images, these AVVA products also are known for energy efficiency and low cost operation.
This increase was the result of an increase in sales and administrative staff in support of planned sales growth, as well as the increase in staffing levels resulting from the acquisition of AVVA in October 2003.
We are now planning a release of two new products for the roadways market by the end of 2003 that use a combination of technologies from Carmanah and AVVA.
The agreement is exclusive for all of Canada, plus AVVA will be the primary manufacturer of the illuminated MIP(TM) for the Western Hemisphere, as well as a distributor and marketer of the full product line.
AVVA Edge Lit believes it is the best illuminated interior sign on the market today.
AVVA's subsidiary, AVVA Light Corporation, is pleased to announce it has been approved as a vendor to Foodservices Purchasing Cooperative Inc.
AVVA reported revenues and an operating loss for its third fiscal quarter in the amount of $284,776 and ($404,793) respectively.
As of May 1, 1995, AVVA completed negotiations and signed a sales/distribution agreement with a well established British sign company located in London, England.
Tel Mobility has placed an initial order for 10 signs (value $8,000) to evaluate the AVVA technology.
Under the license agreement, AVVA will receive a royalty of US $27.
Alberta Stock Exchange: AVY) Further to the press release of December 12, 1994, where AVVA Technologies Inc.