AW1Academic Writing 1 (various locations)
AW1Aviation ASW Operator First Class (Naval Rating)
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The binding DNA was washed by the addition of the 500 l AW1 buffer, then centrifuged at 8000 rpm for 1 min followed by the addition of the 500 l AW2 buffer then centrifuged at full speed for 3 min.
Extraction modifications were as follows: (1) after addition of Buffer AL to the digestion, the sample was centrifuged at 12,000g for 1 min to pellet melanin, and supernatant was transferred to a new tube before addition of ethanol; and (2) Buffer AW 1 was prewarmed to 50[degrees]C before use and 2 AW1 rinses were performed.
Centrifugation for 1 minute at 8,000 rpm was followed by washing the spin col-umn membrane with 500 [micro]l of Buffer AW1 and 500 [micro]l of Buffer AW2.
83 own approach to work To achieve a higher position in society QGla AW1 .
AW1 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA TO OTTAWA, CANA principal source of information for the 'Sheffield W Round the World on Wings of Song published in pictured above, were part of the tour.
Scott Zenner, AWC Jeremiah Wilkins, AW1 Andrew Worth, AW2 Brian Casey, and HM2 Richmond Roy received letters of commendation from the Mason County Sheriff's Office for flying their MH-60S down the narrow Skokomish River gorge--and under a bridge--to rescue 16-year-old Ruth Powell, who had fallen off a cliff and injured herself while hiking.
Place the spin columns back into their respective collection tubes, add 500 [micro]L of buffer AW1 (wash 1), and centrifuge for 1 minute at 8000 rpm.
Confirmatorv Factor Analysis Results Standardized factor Error Construct Indicator loading variance Brand AW1 0.
Someone has to [have] put themselves in danger for us to have a job" said AW1 (AW/AC) Waylon Wolf, RSS Instructor.
The filtrate was discarded, 500 [micro]L of Buffer AW1 was added to the column in a clean 2-ml collection tube, and the tube was centrifuged at 20,000 x g for 1 minute.
The column was washed with 500 [micro]L of high-salt buffer AW1 and AW2 containing ethanol at 6,000 g centrifugation for 1 minute.
Mike King (H2P), and AW1 Robert Bautista (SO), were conducting search-and-rescue training in the Indian Ocean.