AWAGAhmedabad Women's Action Group (India)
AWAGArkansas Watershed Advisory Group
AWAGAutomatisches Wähl- und Ansagegerät (German: Automatic Dialing and Announcement Device)
AWAGAlgonquin Wolf Advisory Group (Canada)
AWAGAlbany Waterfront Action Group (Albany, NY)
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The entrepreneur who started AWAG was closely associated with SEWA, a similar non-profit organization dealing with women's issues.
The institutions acted in the direction of changing values of society by adopting radical or traditional roles (ESI, AWAG, JV, PNR, SURE).
AWAG spokesman said: "There is no deliberate attempt to be secretive.
AWAG spokesman pointed out that current laws would prevent injecting rooms being introduced.
AWAG spokesman said: "The Assembly made it clear when it launched the Past Service Award scheme that only councillors retiring at the 2004 elections, and who had no intention of seeking public office at this level again, should apply for an award.
AWAG protester, Carol Jones, said: "Over 500 people and organisations wrote to object and it was rejected on 12 points, virtually all of which still apply.
AWAG spokes woman said Mrs Jones was interested to hear from Mr Goodwin-Jones on the potential benefits of his approach.
AWAG spokeswoman said, "It is for schools to determine how they deliver the programme of study for information technology in the National Curriculum Order.
Grolman uses Tower's own words to explain the disparity of attention given women composers--or AWAGs (American Women Above Ground) as Tower calls them, in contrast to DWEMs (Dead White European Males, p.
Military information from AWAGs and various satellites above Iraq and Kuwait was transmitted to Washington and other Allied centres, was processed, and came back to the alliance's front-line positions to guide tank commanders, pilots, and cruise missile launch teams.
THE WAGs, the WOWs and the WABs have had their day - so step forward the AWAGs.