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Under the agreement QPA will assume existing AWAI investment advisory contracts, so that clients will have the same service team.
AWAI was an organization formed in 1992 to aid in protecting and promoting basic human rights for Afghan women.
AWAI is the publisher of the world's best home-study programs for learning the art and science of direct-response copywriting.
AWAI has met the need of their members by creating a brand-new club especially for direct response writers.
8220;Without a doubt, this is going to be a life-changing event for attendees,” said Rebecca Matter, Co-Managing Partner of AWAI and Founder of Wealthy Web Writer (http://www.
These people will all talk about why they chose to work from home and how they made the transition," said Rebecca Matter, Co-Managing Director of AWAI and Founder of Wealthy Web Writer.
Janet Grosshandler from New Jersey agrees: "I am so impressed with the leadership of AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer for their brilliance in creating this Alliance.
It took Ed and [me] years of trial and error to learn and refine what AWAI members will discover in a few hours," said Slaunwhite.
His Autoresponder Apprentice training series, released by AWAI in July of 2009, has quickly become one of the bestselling programs in the AWAI history.
With B2B copywriting you can be in control of your own fate," said Pete Savage, thriving B2B copywriter, and co-author of The Business Side of B2B Copywriting, in a recent teleconference broadcast to AWAI members.
Here at AWAI we respond to the rapidly changing market and take action when our members request information and new programs.
com, today announced publication of the second volume of its "Money-Making Websites Success Catalog" to promote the newest websites developed and built by AWAI members who are trying to make money writing and generate passive income streams through the Internet.