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AWANAnimal Welfare Adoption Network (Ulster County, New York
AWANAboriginal Women's Action Network
AWANAfrican Women Agribusiness Network (Kenya)
AWANAsynchronous Wide Area Network
AWANAirman, Aviation ASW Operator Striker (Naval Rating)
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And in the evenings he wrote charms on parchment - elaborate pentagrams crowned with the names of devils - Murra, and Awan the Companion of Kings - all fantastically written in the corners.
During his speech, Awan also defended President Asif Ali Zardari over the issue of holding two offices.
Paul Malong Awan speaking at a Dinka Malual community meeting in Juba on 1 November 2012 (ST)
Dr Babar Awan advocate appeared in the court while Sheikh Ahsan Ud Din advocate represented former CJP.
20 billion defamation suit filed by former Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry against PTI chief Imran Khan on the request of an associate of Babar Awan who appeared on his behalf.
Awan is to give her the care and support she needs for her well-being while issues around her status in Canada can be reconciled.
The decision to file a group police complaint came following a closed-door teleconference with Awan at his MMABank GT office at Mai Tower in Al Ghusais on Friday afternoon.
Babar Awan on this occasion said country's survival was impossible without rule of law and urged that the restoration of Bugti refugees is highly imperative for the peace in Balochistan.
Awan's disappearance is now a cause of embarrassment to Hasan, whose friend Shafqat Hussain admitted receiving a cash payment from Awan to process his renewal application.
Sadaf Awan-Furness, of Blyth, Northumberland, hit out at claims that Awan was advised by lawyers to wait at least two years to launch an appeal following the death of PC David Rathband through fears it would cause a public outcry.
But after tragic PC Rathband, 44, hanged himself in February, lawyers advised Ness and Awan to wait at least two years in the hope that public anger over Moat's rampage on Tyneside will subside.
A court heard Awan drove Moat on the night he shot and blinded PC David Rathband.