AWBVAfrican White-Backed Vulture
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Denson heading up our Prime Time division," said AWBV President & CEO Don Platten.
I'm very pleased to report that AWBV is ahead of our acquisition projections for 2005," AWBV CEO & President Don Platten announced.
AWBV specializes in the acquisition and sale of small private companies.
We believe that by using the power of the Internet to both sell our premium line of Palm Beach Classic Cigars coupled with a unique, limited-time promotional offer to receive shares in the company with each box of cigars purchased, will quickly broaden our shareholder base," explained Don Platten, AWBV President and mastermind of the concept.
Shareholders in AWBV at that time will receive a stock dividend in the new company.
AWBV currently has completed two business acquisitions and has signed several Letters of Intent to Purchase since the beginning of 2005.
is a strong company with a marketing program that will appeal to both cigar aficionados and small-cap investors," reported Don Platten, AWBV President and CEO.
This is a very positive development for both American-Way and Mulberry Street," reported AWBV President and CEO Donnie Platten.
Since January 2005, AWBV has reported three significant business transactions:
because everything was in perfect order," said AWBV President and CEO Donald Platten.
Palm Beach represents a company with a unique image and signature that will attract both cigar aficionados as well as small-cap investors," said AWBV President and CEO Donald Platten.
We believe that Wind International has great potential as an affiliate company of AWBV," reported Donald Platten, AWBV CEO and President.