AWBZAlgemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektenkosten
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When the AWBZ LTC insurance scheme was established in 1968, it was widely believed that, over time, publicly funded formal services would largely replace informal eldercare.
In the Netherlands, financing crises have recurred over the more than 40-year history of the AWBZ insurance scheme, becoming so acute that, in 2011, waiting lists were imposed.
The AWBZ and ZFW programs were funded through income taxes.
Source: Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), 2000) FIGURE 3 FINANCING DUTCH HEALTH CARE EXPENDITURE IN 2001 % TOTAL AWBZ 39% ZFW insurance 36% Private insurance 14% Government 5% Other 6% Note: Table made from pie chart.
2015 is ROGplus verantwoordelijk voor de contractering van taken die vanuit de AWBZ worden gedecentraliseerd nr de Wmo.