AWCAAmerican Working Collie Association
AWCAArizona Wing Chun Association (Phoenix, AZ)
AWCAAmerican Women's Club of Amsterdam (networking group)
AWCAAveraged Waves Classified by Amplitude (ergonomics)
AWCAAssault Weapons Control Act (California)
AWCAAleutians West Census Area
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Vermont to advise Cloutier that the AWCA had purchased
posted to the AWCA Web site periodically, beginning
The AWCA program was created by Congress to develop alternatives to incineration technology for destroying assembled chemical weapons.
AWCA brought something else to the workers' comp party: Axcel, AWCA's regional networks of specialists selected for good clinical outcomes and economy in treatment.
Connecticut is our home state, so we are especially delighted to expand our relationship with The Hartford and provide their customers from across the state with access to a PPO (preferred provider organization) network built on our existing relationships with doctors and hospitals and our demonstrated success in the health benefits business," said Tom Shivers, head of sales for AWCA.
Davenport, "Racial Features in War," 29 October 1921, MHI, AWCA 215-39; Clark Wissler, "Racial Problems Involved in International Relations," 2 November 1921, MHI, AWCA 215-10; William McDougall, "Race as a Factor in Causation of War," 15 April 1924, MHI, AWCA 274A-37; Henry Pratt Fairchild, "Problems of Population," 1932, MHI, AWCA G-1, 1935, AWCA G-1, 6, 1936.
This is one of the most ambitious efforts to date to leverage the capabilities of a workers' compensation PBM and third-party biller to better meet the needs and interests of employers, payers and injured workers," says Patrick Scullion, AWCA president.
The AWCA network, available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas and Virginia, includes 130,000 physicians, hospitals and other health care providers.
Aetna intends to introduce AWCA networks nationally and we expect to benefit from this expansion program as an in-network provider for our products.
AWCA helps injured workers, workers' compensation insurance carriers, employers and other service providers manage the rising cost of workplace injuries and illnesses by providing access to health care professionals specializing in physical therapy, occupational medicine, chiropractic, radiology, orthopedics, behavioral health and pharmacy.
The network helps workers' compensation insurance carriers and employers manage the rising cost of workplace injuries while providing access to care that can help injured workers return to work quickly and productively," said Greta Montes, network market head for AWCA.