AWCCSAl Wathba Company for Central Services (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
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By achieving these certifications we have demonstrated that AWCCS is committed to maintaining international standards in quality, health and safety and the environment," said Paul Greenwood, CEO of AWCCS.
The curves indicate that on point estimates AWCCS is a better discriminator of mortality than either MEDS or SOFA with an AUC of 0.
As can be seen, MEDS x AWCCS has the highest AUC but the result is not significantly different from that of AWCCS alone.
In our results, SOFA performed better than MEDS or AWCCS for predicting short-term mortality and ICU admission, but not long-term mortality, where AWCCS performed best.
05 difference in AUC between MEDS and AWCCS was statistically significant would require a study sample of 700 subjects, and even then the clinical implications of detecting this difference where both scores are of only moderate discriminatory value is questionable.