AWCDAverage Well Colour Development (organic farming)
AWCDAmerican Women's Club of Dublin
AWCDAmerican Women’s Club of Düsseldorf (Germany)
AWCDAlfvén Wave Current Drive (plasma physics)
AWCDAdaptive Web Content Delivery (web content delivered to specifications of browsers)
AWCDAustralian Wholesale Computer Distributors
AWCDAssociation of Worldwide Company Directors (London, UK)
AWCDArizona Water Conservation District
AWCDAgency for Women and Child Development Inc (Phoenix Arizona)
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Some studies revealed that the soils under conventional tillage had lower AWCD and H values than those under reduced tillage (Giller 1996; Lupwayi et al.
The AWCD value each well in the EcoPlate is an important index that reflects the soil microbial community functional diversity (Yang and Hua 2000).
2011), who reported significant positive correlations between AWCD and H in soils under nine plant species (P<0.
INN, innovative soil management; CON, conventional soil management; Wet, soil under drip emitters; Dry, soil along the inter-rows Experimental factor H' S E AWCD Peach Management (INN/CON) 8.
The logistic curve (Eqn 2) was fitted to the AWCD data for each soil and the values for various parameters are shown in Table 3.
One-way ANOVA of the AWCD values showed that the Brinsley, Catombal, Robertson, and Windsor soils were significantly different from each other (l.