AWCPAmerican Wildlife Conservation Partners (various conservation organizations)
AWCPArmy Weight Control Program
AWCPAssociation of Workers Compensation Professionals (Rancho Cordova, CA)
AWCPActual Cost of Work Performed
AWCPAircraft Wing Command Post
AWCPAir Wing Communications Processor (USAF SACCS 465L)
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Even more surprising, it appears as though AWCP laws correlate with prohibitive credentialing policies on the part of managed care companies.
There are federal regulations, extremely similar to many of the AWCP state laws discussed previously, that prohibit certain forms of provider discrimination among Medicaid and Medicare MCOs (42 C.
While many state AWCP laws do not refer explicitly to both provider network participation and reimbursement, both the Medicaid and the Medicare Advantage anti-provider-discrimination statutes do.
Simply put, federal anti-provider-discrimination laws have similar weaknesses as state AWP and AWCP laws and, as a result, they provide little concrete protection to primary care NPs who feel discriminated against by managed care companies.