AWDAAutomotive Warehouse Distributors Association (Kansas City, MO, USA)
AWDAAmericans with Disabilities Act
AWDAAmerican Wood Design Awards
AWDAAmerican Working Dog Association
AWDAAlamo Workforce Development Area (San Antonio, TX)
AWDAAweil West Development Association
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The court took a step by step approach to the provisions contained in the AWDA.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court noted that it had recently addressed the interplay between the WDA and the AWDA.
Other awards Schwartz has received include AWDA Man of the Year, MEMA (Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association) Triangle Award, APAA Executive of the Year, AWDA Martin for Lifetime Achievement Award, ASC (American Specialty Cars) Presidents Award, Automotive Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award, and the Northwood Automotive Education Award.
The focal point of the program is a rigorous, four-week training session funded by Seagram's Gin and administered by the AWDA, CUL, the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa (CDC) and the United Black Fund of Columbia (UBF), respectively.
AWDA programs are preparing Atlanta's current and future workforce for the ever-changing labor demands.
CARE, AAIA, AWDA, TIA, ALOA, SSDA and AASP urge you not to abandon your efforts to pass this important legislation.
Now that organizations such as CARE, AAA, AAIA, AWDA, TIA, ALOA, SSDA and national consumer groups, as well as a growing chorus of U.
AAIA and AWDA believe that it is critical that independents have cost effective access to this information and both associations are concerned that the proprietary method used by the dealer might not be affordable or workable for the small businesses in the service industry," stated Aaron Lowe, vice president for the Automotive Parts and Service Alliance.
Of great concern to AAIA and AWDA member companies is that the agreement does not contain any enforcement mechanism or regulatory recourse should the car companies fail to live up to their commitments," said Jim Eady, AWDA president.
AWDA consists of more than 200 warehouse distributors and 200 manufacturers, in addition to affiliate, marketing association and press members.