AWEXAgence Wallonne à l'Exportation (Belgium)
AWEXAustralian Wool Exchange
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One possible new Turkish presence in Wallonia also with the help of AWEX -- is likely to happen at the Charleroi Airport, Europe's third fastest growing airport.
The participants discussed proposals presented by AWEX experts who studied work status in six companies specialized in food industry.
The Walloon Region (Ministry of the Economy), the Federal Government (Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Social Affairs), the City of Liege, the Province of Liege and AWEX, the agency in charge of promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign investment for Belgium's Walloon region, have all contributed substantially in making the agreement possible.
200 euros excluding TVA/m2 (furniture AWEX, the reception area, basic furniture exhibitors included).
Central to this visit, hosted by the region of Wallonia and the Wallonia Trade & Investment Agency AWEX , will be the business to business networking event which will take place in the afternoon.
AWEX intends to operate the selection of a company responsible to provide the following information: * survey containing data on the cost of living reports, rental costs of expatriate staff housing, school fees and some information about schools and the particulars of the ranks of hardship and away from all the cities referenced in Annex 1 of this special specifications; * survey on the cost of office rents and amounts of compensation reports mileage of all the cities referenced in Appendix 2 of this specification.