AWGNAdditive White Gaussian Noise
AWGNAdaptive White Gaussian Noise
AWGNAmerican Willow Growers Network (est. 1988)
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3 we report the results for the AWGN and AWUN distributions obtained by using four different image dimensions d = 5,10,20, 50.
Versions with built-in white noise sources allow the user to vary the AWGN level on the CO and/or CPE side of all loops, providing an extraordinary sixteen, twenty-four or thirty-two AWGN sources per unit.
In this part was performed calculation of SER using ZF (Zero Forcing) as equalization scheme for comparison of SC-FDE and OFDM in Pedestrian A, Vehicular A and AWGN channel.
Both the signals are time multiplexed (MUX) and transmitted through the AWGN channel.
Ruled bythe Central LimitTheorem, the summary of these mutually independent variables can be surely modelled as the AWGN, N(0, [[sigma].
Maximum likelihood (ML) decoding of a lattice code used over an AWGN channel is equivalent to finding the closest lattice points to the received points [13]-[15].
2 GHz can be injected into the 3601 and either pass straight through, or add programmatically controlled AWGN or impulse noise to the signal.
The optimum ratio between the rings with 16APSK modulation for transmission over an AWGN channel is the one giving the same Euclidean distance between the points on the inner ring and between the two rings:
It provides a highly accurate channel emulation capability to simulate AWGN, co-channel interference and multi-path fading over different channel profiles.
4 shows that the BER performance of MC-CDMA system using MPSO based Log MAP Turbo MUD has been compared with PSO based Log MAP Turbo MUD and Log-MAP Turbo MUD over the AWGN and Rayleigh channel respectively.
It is assumed that MAI signals do not pass through multipath fading channel but they pass through AWGN channel only.