AWHCAustralian Wildlife Health Centre (Healesville, Victoria, Canada)
AWHCAmerican West Heritage Center (Wellsville, UT)
AWHCAvailable Water Holding Capacity (soil)
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Dara is the director of the AWHC and a long-standing member of the Tillery community and CCT.
Raven also gave a donation to the AWHC to provide financial support for the next student when the stipend was no longer available.
Consequently improved water acceptance (as seen after heavy rain) and the AWHC of the soil were increased.
Dispersion index (DI), bulk density (BD), and available water holding capacity (AWHC) from Natimuk, November 1997 Stubble Treatments DI BD AWHC (0-16) (g/[cm.
AWHC needed an improved system that would move scrap sheet metal faster, last longer, and require little or no maintenance.
A local distributor introduced AWHC to a new design called the Pumper, made by Numatics Actuator of Franklin, TN.
Engineer Taylor worked with Numatics Actuators to design and build a prototype system for AWHC.
In addition, AWHC designed the chute with slight dimples.
AWHC was so pleased with the functioning of the new cylinder, it incorporated it into a new press-removal system.