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AWLAnimal Welfare League (Queensland, Australia)
AWLA Wonderful Life (gaming, Harvest Moon series)
AWLAnweisungsliste (German: Instruction List)
AWLAlliance for Workers Liberty
AWLAbsent Without Leave
AWLAlaska Wilderness League
AWLAssociation of Women Lawyers
AWLAtos Worldline (Belgium)
AWLAdvancing Women in Leadership Journal (online journal)
AWLAverage Word Length
AWLAutomated Welding (Netherlands)
AWLAirworthiness Limitation
AWLAdvanced Weapons Lab
AWLAll Weather Landing
AWLAbsence with Leave
AWLAway Without Leave
AWLAircraft Warning Lights
AWLAlbury Wodonga LAN
AWLAustralian Wrestling League
AWLAutomated Wire List
AWLAmerican War Lords (gaming clan)
AWLAirbag Warning Lamp
AWLAdministrative Weight Limitation
AWLAlways with Love
AWLArt Web League (France; online gaming)
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Esterow, Bankrate's President and CEO, said, "We are excited to reach this agreement with AWL, which we believe will help the insuranceQuotes.
For soft leather, you will not need a leather punch, as an awl will be sufficient to punch the holes.
For an AWL solution to be effective, all executable code must be blocked by default, so that only approved programs can run.
Again, the key interceptor attribute is increased agility--as well as the critical positioning capability that airpower can supply--the two primary advantages of the AWL.
Her history included self--insertion of a beading awl through the urethra into the bladder during sexual intercourse with her husband a few hours prior to presentation at the clinic.
Thin and massive bone awls, as well as complete double points with rounded cross-sections were recovered at Samertskhle Klde, Sakajia, Gvardjilas Klde and Satsurblia (Nioradze & Otte 2000; Figures 9, 10, 11: nos.
Ask an adult to use a thin nail, an awl, or a stiff wire to make a hole lengthwise through two corks.
LIVERPOOL fans welcomed back their club captain just hours after he was unanimously acquitted of acting unlawfully during a bar b r awl.
As well as suffering financially, Tony's industrial testing firm, AWL Inspection, has been set back by days.
Tools and materials: 2-liter soda-pop container(s); empty with cap Large saw-tooth kitchen knife or small saw Large pair of scissors Awl, pick, or small phillips head screwdriver or large nail (to make drainage holes) Hammer Hole puncher, hand-held type (the kind used to punch a single hole in paper) 1-1/2 inch brass plated fasteners (sold at office supply stores, box of 100 costs about $1.
The most important item is an awl made of animal bone and granite, which shows that prehistoric man devised many ways to sew leather," Khaled Saad, who headed the mission, was quoted as saying.
In this capacity, AWL recently acquired Banksys to become a pan-European player in the payments sector, and made this purchase in the context of SEPA.