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AWLSAmerican Wilderness Leadership School
AWLSAll Weather Landing System
AWLSAirespace Wireless Location Services
AWLSAlcohol Withdrawal-Like Syndrome (vascular surgery)
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Her metal awl with sinew-wrapped handle was stuck into a buckskin wrap.
We went over the AWLS utilities map -- locating gas, water, and electrical lines, breaker boxes, the storage shed for camping fuel, vehicle gas tank and pump, LP gas tanks, and storage shed for ammunition and black powder used in our shooting sports program.
Among needles, there is a shift from flat bases (Layer 1C), to fully rounded cross-sections similar to thin awls (Layer 1A).
Excavation works in 2004 unearthed a number of stone scrapers, awls, spears, arrowheads and axes of different sizes generally used for daily life activities, farming and hunting, he said.
The demonstrations will show how Stone Age people made arrowheads, axes, chisels, awls and a range of tools by pressure flaking flint.
Safety Note: Remind students to use extreme care when working with compass points or awls.
But whereas the cobbler had only awls and needles to rely on, the information age has given insurers an array of new risk-management information systems.
A rock overhang across the spring from the mortar holes bears hundreds of vertical grooves rubbed into its surface by women sharpening animal bones into awls.
This involved a buckskin rope with four holes and two bone awls, one to place in the ground as a pivot and the other to scribe a line showing where to cut the bottom edge.