AWMSGAll Wales Medicines Strategy Group (UK)
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The AWMSG recommended use of Abraxane for advanced pancreatic cancer patients in Wales in 2014.
She said: "We are delighted that the AWMSG has approved Imnovid.
The AWMSG recommendation is based on a clinical and cost effectiveness assessment of ceftaroline fosamil.
The independent clinical expert summary requested by the AWMSG advised that the short (two day) duration of treatment (which should give excellent compliance) and specific mode of action of ingenol mebutate make it suitable for use in primary care and may reduce the need for referral to secondary care.
Pancreatic Cancer UK urges the members of the AWMSG to use their discretion and give a full 'yes' to Abraxane, giving potential benefit to hundreds of patients in Wales and their families.
The AWMSG has highlighted in its guidance the importance of prescribing Buccolam by brand name to reduce the risk of medication errors.
Previously, the AWMSG has approved such drugs as Abraxane, which will help patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.
The AWMSG recommendation and ministerial approval overrules NICE, meaning Wales will be the only place in the UK where people will be able to access the treatment.
Due to NICE's more lengthy and rigorous appraisal process, any decisions made by AWMSG will be superseded by those of NICE, when it issues its final guidance.
With last month's announcement on the capped cost of branded medicines, patients should now expect the Welsh Government, NHS Wales and AWMSG to respond positively to the opportunity the agreement provides.
At the moment, AWMSG only appraises new medicines when a decision from NICE - which makes guidance about new medicines on an England and Wales basis - is not expected for more than 12 months.